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Eco Coasteering for Schools

Coasteering is a high adrenaline activity, and all too often, providers forget to show off the wonderful terrain and wildlife that surrounds us. Not with us, though, and certainly not with our eco coasteering session for schools!

During an eco coasteering session, we turn the adrenaline down a notch and yank up the education. Your pupils will still scramble over rocks, swim through pools, and jump off cliffs, but they will also explore the wildlife and geology of our coastline.

We explore rock pools which are teeming with all sorts of weird and wonderful marine life. We spot all sorts of birds, and hopefully, a few seals will come out to play or at least watch us as we pass by.

This is a brilliant way for kids to see our coastline from a totally different perspective. They will love it. You will love it. And we obviously love it!

At the end of it all, we send you photographs of all the craic, all the adventure, and all the discoveries made by your pupils.

Each session lasts 2.5 hours, and we provide all specialist equipment, insurance, and qualified instructors.

Coasteering in Northern Ireland