You don’t have to think on your feet!

As you know Coasteering involves traversing and climbing over rocks and wet rocks are slippy!


So, what can you do to stop slipping?

Well, we advise wearing sturdy boots or trainers with good grips (avoid vibram soles if you can) and we do not permit neoprene booties, sandals or crocs!  Yes, they are designed for water sports but they lack angle support, toe protection and fall off your feet!

In an ideal world we would all own a pair of 5:10 Canyoneer 2’s!  We have been huge fans of the Canyoneer for years now and the Canyoneer 2 is even better.  In our opinion if you are serious about Coasteering you need to own a pair!

Why should I own a pair of Five Ten Canyoneer boots?

Without a doubt these are the stickiest boots you will ever wear!  Sticky boots mean you know that when your foot lands on a wet rock you are going nowhere and that confidence is second to none.


Stephen is on his third pair in 6 years and he swears by them.  Recently he turned up for a Coasteering trip and realised he forgot his Canyoneer’s, luckily he had a couple of pairs of approach trainers in the Jeep! Unfortunately, they did not give anywhere near the same traction and Stephen certainly had to work hard to ensure he didn’t slip.  Stephen said it was a class trip but he had to concentrate where he positioned his foot whereas he normally is looking well in front or back as he strides and jumps across the rocks.  We doubt Stephen will make that mistake again!

So, what makes the Canyoneer so good?

The  Canyoneer 2 is sleek, adjustable and comes with a lightweight upper that provides superb support with ergonomic flex for precision and control. Leaving nothing to be desired, these shoes are made with Stealth rubber soles that grip like nothing else on slippy rocks and boulders.


  • The synthetic, padded uppers are sleek, comfortable, supportive and highly abrasion resistant
  • High friction co-molded Stealth C4/S1 soles provide incredible traction on all surfaces
  • Buckle and strap closure for easy in and outs


  • Uppers: Synthetic
  • Midsole: Polyurethane
  • Outsole: Stealth C4/S1

Where can I get a pair?

For local stockists check out but it is also worth looking on ebay – we recently saw new pairs being sold for only £50 instead of the standard £90 – we have even seen them sold for more than £100! And in fairness, we would pay that if we had to!

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