What to look for when choosing your Coasteering provider

Coasteering comes with thrills and with thrills come a certain level of risk. However, choosing the right Coasteering provider is very important and will ensure you have a brilliant day out whilst remaining safe.

Below you will find some advice and thoughts which you should consider when deciding who is going to take you on your Coasteering Adventure:

Ask them do they have insurance and can they email you a copy of the insurance certificate.

Coasteering like all other Adventure Sports carries a certain level of risk and it is important that you make sure you are looked after should anything go wrong. As standard, you should expect your provider to have £5 million public liability.

It is not common practice for providers to include personal injury cover and this is something that you may wish to look in to yourself.

You may also ask your provider for copies of their Risk Assessments – especially if you are working with a group of young people! Please note that there are responsibility issues should you review the Risk Assessments.

Ask them what equipment they will provide.

Any Coasteering provider worth their salt should provide you with a 100% neoprene wetsuit, a well fitted helmet and buoyancy aid. It is usual for you to provide your own swimwear for underneath the wetsuit, shorts for over the wetsuit, warm socks and old trainers or boots with good grips.

In winter you should be provided with neoprene socks and gloves although a deposit or hire rate should be expected.

How much are they charging?

There are a number of factors that must be considered when deciding how much to charge for a Coasteering session:

  1. Ratios – current guidelines recommend a ratio of 1 instructor to 9 participants. Some providers work on much higher ratios allowing them to charge lower rates – this may have a negative on your Coasteering trip, that is, not enough time on the water, lack of proper instruction, lack of safety cover, etc
  2. Equipment– to provide all of the specialist gear for Coasteering it will cost anywhere from £100 – £200 per person. If your provider is cheap chances are the gear will be too (if it is even provided)
  3. VAT– if vat is part of the cost it is normally a good sign that you are with a reputable provider. Their turnover is a strong indicator of their success.
  4. Testimonials and evidence – is your provider online? Do they have a website? Can you see photos and videos on their Facebook page and Youtube Chanel? Do they have reviews on Trip Advisor? These are all good ways of checking their credibilty as well as getting an insight to how much fun you can have coasteering.

Providers offering coasteering for as little as £10 or £12 per person can not be providing what we view as minimum standard – BEWARE of cheap Coasteering!

Some other questions you may wish to ask:

  • Do your instructors have First Aid certificates? Can these be viewed?
  • Have your instructors got relevant experience and qualifications?
  • Does your company have any affiliations or accreditation?

One last thing… Coasteering is a brilliant adventure and suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities – get up off your sofa and try it!

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