What everyone wants to know about Coasteering

Whenever someone books a Coasteering Adventure with CoasteeringNI we send out an email confirming the booking.  This email includes the date, time and venue of the Coasteering Adventure.  We also include a list of what everyone will need to bring with them.  We also send a reminder email a few days before just to make sure everyone knows what they need to bring.

Those emails either get a reply with the most asked question we ever get or we are asked it when we meet everyone.

Why are the shorts so important?



The answer is simple and the response is generally along the lines of “Oh, that makes sense now!”.  You see, the shorts protect the seat of the wetsuit from getting torn or ripped.  At times when you are Coasteering you may need to slide in to the water from rocks.  Even though the wetsuits we use have reinforced seats it is still possible to tear the material and no one wants a wetsuit with a hole in the bum.

People often sit down for a bit when other people are jumping and this too will damage the wetsuits.

Old shorts are grand and the brighter the better!  Bright is good because it helps identify you in the photographs we take, especially on a dull day when the light isn’t so good.

That said, we have had people turn up with brand new shorts that they have bought in the likes of ASDA or Tesco – often these shorts are funky, bright and cheap!  We have had people turn up with pyjama shorts (don’t scoff, they work) and we have had people turn up without shorts.

It’s not a big deal if you forget your shorts, every year we gather up about 50 pairs as people take off their wetsuits with the shorts still on and forget to take them out.  We discover them when we are rinsing the suits after they have been used!

Believe it or not, we have even discovered the odd shoe or trainer that has been left inside a wetsuit – no idea how people can get the wetsuit off over their shoes but hey ho!

So there you have it, old shorts for Coasteering are very important!  Make our day, make them bright!

  1. May 26, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    It’s all about looking good out there folks 😀

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