Organising a Stag Party in Northern Ireland?  

That means you are the best man!  Not the “yeah, I’ve known him for years and we get on grand” man.  Not the “he’s a bit of a dick sometimes but I reckon he will keep me out of jail and from getting dead” man. But the best man!

And being the best man means you have to organise the best stag do, the mother of stag party’s.  The sort of Stag Party the guys in the Hangover would be proud of.  The sort of Stag Party that will be talked about for years (in a good way) and everyone will say “you can see why he was picked as the best man, that was epic”.

But, if you have never organised one before how on earth are you to know what you need to do? There are loads to thing about…  Who to invite (and who not to invite), how much money everyone is prepared to spend, how long will it last, where to go, where to eat and crucially, what to do!

Who to invite…

This can be a tricky one but a good chat with the groom will make it easier.  The difficult people to consider are his dad, soon to be father-in-law, his work colleagues, his socially inept and rarely talked about cousin and those two mates that fell out over a girl.

A simple rule is invite people that will make the stag party better as well as those that the groom will feel guilty about if they are not there.  And you can always have another simple night out for everyone not on the A list 🙂

How much should you budget?

You need to be realistic about how much people will want to spend.  If you know that most of these guys are attending loads of weddings this year then you may need to be more thrifty, equally, if they are all loaded then you can go a bit crazy on how much they will spend.  Make sure you think about spending money too, not just accommodation, activities and travel.

And whatever you do, make sure you get money off them upfront – collecting money on a Sunday morning will be a nightmare.  Anyway, most things will need paid in advance.  We recommend giving everyone a deadline for payments with the very clear instruction that if they haven’t paid you they will have to sort everything out themselves – this’ll stop you being out of pocket!

How long will it last?

This will be dictated by the budget you have set and what all you want to do.  Some stag groups just want to get out for the day and night while others want a full blown weekend.  If you want to do loads make it a weekend and if not, don’t! Simples really

Where to go?

Northern Ireland has plenty of choice places to go on a Stag Party – it all depends on what you want to do?  A weekend crawling around bars will be best in Belfast, Newry, Newcastle or Portrush; whereas a weekend of adventure sports followed by sing song around the fire in your self-catering cottages would be great along the North Coast or the Mourne Mountains.

We cannot stress enough the importance of being upfront about being a stag party with your accommodation provider.  We have witnessed groups being turned away on arrival because the accommodation was not expecting a stag party – yes, some places have had bad experiences with stag groups and don’t let them stay.

Eating out

This is pretty simple as the group will normally plan this as the weekend goes along but if you want to get in to a particular restaurant we advise booking in advance and make sure they know you are a stag group.

Going out

Again, think about where you are going before hand, make sure everyone knows if the club or pub has a dress code and make sure stag groups will be welcome.  Sometimes, it is best to arrive in small groups of 3 or 4; bouncers can get a bit uneasy when a large group of lads arrive at the same time.

What to do

There are loads of activities available in Northern Ireland but like everything else you need to think about this in advance.  If it’s just you and the groom an afternoon of paint balling is not going to be that much fun, equally, if you take 40 people go-karting and the track only has 6 karts you are going to be spending a lot of time hanging around.

Cue our shameless plug….

Coasteering is an awesome activity for a stag party because it has everyone participating at the same time.  It can be as thrilling or as tame as you like.  Did you know we have taken people out that can’t swim, they have never even been in a swimming pool, we’ve had people petrified of heights too! You see, we can tailor the Coasteering trip to suit everyone on an individual basis even when in a group.

We can provide a bus service to collect you from your accommodation anywhere in Northern Ireland and bring you to any of our amazing venues.

Anything else?

The best best man will organise the stag party well in advance.  He will work out which weekend suits the most amount of people and book accordingly.  At peak times of the year you will need to do this months in advance and certainly no less than 8 weeks.  Last minute stags are not impossible so if you are ever stuck let us know – we can help with everything above.

Make sure everyone’s travel plans are known and that  you have mobile numbers for those travelling separately.  It is not uncommon for one car load to be late or last for hours.

Finally, it is your duty to look after the best man (never leave him alone with the rest of the hallions) and make sure everyone gets to know each other as soon as possible – getting that ice broke early on will make for one awesome weekend!

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    Really great post on organising a stag party- lots of good tips to bear in mind, its easy to forget how much is involved in organising a stag party in Ireland!

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