Coasteering NI

There is no doubt about – I absolutely love Coasteering.

I love the thrill
I love the rush
I love the peacefulness
I love the escape
I love the challenge
I love seeing Mother Nature at her finest
I love exploring places never explored before
I love the inaccessibility
I love the blustery days with huge waves and I love the calm day with blue skies

I love the drive to my next Coasteering Adventure
I love the music I play to get me in the zone

I love guiding people on Coasteering trips
I love seeing them step out of their comfort zones
I love seeing them try new things
I love the smiles and the laughter
I love the banter and playful teasing
I love the stories on the walk back to the start
I love seeing new friendships form

I love getting changed in to nice warm clothes
I love that big mug of coffee afterwards

I love reading the feedback on Facebook and Trip Advisor
I love people sharing the photos
I love it when the photos are tagged and become profile pictures

I love Coasteering so much it’s hard to call it a job!

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