Without a doubt the Harlem Shake is another YouTube phenomenon that cannot be explained…  Some of the videos that have been made are absolutely crazy and the people that make them must have the best craic – so we decided to make one too!


We created the event on Facebook and had a small group of people appear to take part.  The costumes and props that they brought with them were brilliant and certainly caught the attention of everyone else at Ballintoy Harbour.

So we introduced everyone to each other and then began coming up with a plan together.  The only thing that was certain was Sara would be the lead shaker – she had chatted about it the whole way up in the car and was pleased as punch when it was agreed she could do it.

After we made the video we all went down to the Bushmills Inn for soup and coffee.

Like everything we do, the best part of the day was the banter.  Read the quote and see for yourself 🙂

As Gavan said afterwards, “I did it because it was a fabulously different way to spend a Sunday, have great craic, meet some lovely new people & to do something that most folk I know wouldn’t dream of going.”

For Caroline it was all about “getting outside, breathing in the clean air, meeting an awesome group of people and having fun, what more motivation would you need!”

Sara said “I took part cause it seemed like fun and was something different being in the sea to do it!” which was echoed by her sister Emma “I enjoyed it as there was a twist to Coasteering and was different.  I came along cause it was something different and a was a good laugh.”

Super Gran (from Heroes go Coasteering) aka Lisa Kirkwood was back again and she said, “I did it because having worked with Coasteering NI before I knew I was going to be in safe and hands. And I’m a little nuts”

And young Meghan said “I really enjoyed getting to dance in the beautiful blue rock pools while dressed as Sylvester the cat.”

So from our point of view it was bit of fun, we all had a ball and the evidence is below!

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