Coasteering Ballyhornan, County Down


County Down has lots of Coastline with two main venues for Coasteering; namely Bloody Bridge just outside Newcastle and the cliffs at Ballyhornan.  Both venues are awesome although they are quite a contrast to Ballintoy where we do most of our Coasteering.  There are other venues for Coasteering in County Down such as Bangor and Ballywalter.

Coasteering at Bloody Bridge can be quite committing.  If the seas are rolling you ain’t going!  There are few escape routes so if the swells are above 3 foot then it makes it a really difficult venue to use.  There are some awesome jumps though and caves that you can swim in to.  Swimming in caves is a great experience, especially when the swell pushes you up towards the ceiling!

Usually we will meet at Bloody Bridge car park and if the sea is too rough we can always go Bouldering on the river!

The great thing about Coasteering at Bloody Bridge is that you can head back in to Newcastle for fish and chips at the Harbour Inn – that’s what we like to do anyway!

Our favourite venue for Coasteering in County Down is Ballyhornan.  The rock formations here are amazing and they come in a whole range of colours.  Jumps are bountiful here including the challenge of the Devil’s Cauldron and the plank!!  You will definitely test your nerves on these jumps!

There are some awesome channels with powerful currents for adventure swimming and the cave within the Devil’s Cauldron is great for exploring.

Coasteering at Ballyhornan can be quite committing too but we have been here when it is really rough and still been able to take people out.  We know the venue really well and can adjust the Coasteering trip to suit the conditions.

Check out these two albums for some of the craic you can get up to Coasteering in County Down:

HUGE Waves, epic swims and awesome jumps!

Birthday Treat

and the cliffs at Ballyhornan.

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