We have said it many times – Coasteering is the fastest growing Adventure Sport in the UK and Ireland.  Great news for us – we just love introducing people to what has to be one of the best natural thrills there is.  But with an increase in the sport there are consequences:

  • Over use of some of our venues putting pressure on our environment
  • New Coasteering providers, some of whom have limited experience and do not fully appreciate the risks that can be involved
  • Increased exposure will encourage people to try Coasteering without the use of a Guide and often without the correct equipment

Thankfully there are a number of brilliant Coasteering providers across the UK and Ireland and many of these companies have been involved in the development of the Coasteering Charter.  Although we have not had the opportunity to get involved we are 100% behind this and are pushing to get in introduced to Northern Ireland.  We will keep you up to date on this and in the meantime you should have a look at these videos:


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