“Bring a Da” Coasteering on Father’s Day with CoasteeringNI – and any “Da” will do! Your neighbours Da, your friends Da, some random Da you don’t even know – just bring a Da!

Father's Day Coasteering Northern Ireland

The Da goes free for every child’s place booked and for Father’s Day we have no age limit for children!  You could be 45 and bring your mate (as long as he is a Da) and you only have to pay £30 for yourself and “yer Da” goes free!!!  Make sense?

NO???  Then give us a call on 07513868476 and we will explain it – just know you and “yer Da” are getting a cracker deal!

Oh! Here’s a wee bit about coasteering…

Coasteering is an exhilarating combined rock and water activity that can be delivered to every individual level which makes this activity suitable for those with no fear of heights or water as well as those who may not be quite so confident.

During your Coasteering trip you will learn rock climbing and scrambling techniques as well as how to jump from great heights safely.

Wearing sturdy footwear, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, participants travel along a section of coastline; sometimes swimming in the sea, sometimes scrambling on rocks and jumping from rocks into the sea.

Morning and afternoon sessions are available!

Are you up for some Coasteering (with yer Da)? Give us a call on 07513868476 or email [email protected] 

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