My Coasteering Adventure by Kathryn Wilson

It was probably the coldest day of 2013 when I set out on my first day of Coasteering – too cold for new snow but it still lay on the ground.

As we started our adventure I got snug in TWO wetsuits adding up to an extra 8 mm of skin! Feeling nervous but excited we made our way towards our first rock.

To be honest I’ve never really had a lot of balance and I was more afraid of slipping on my dodgy footwork than my first jump! One thing I will say – Stephen has a true talent in supervision of this nature. He knew when to leave me to fend for myself to build my confidence and when I literally needed a hand.

I didn’t really know much about Coasteering before my day out at Ballintoy – not even how to pronounce it properly but what I definitely didn’t know was how rewarding it is. The team really get behind you and tell you anything is possible – within reason of course.

I felt my confidence grow over the day during the activity – a feeling that still hasn’t left me a couple of weeks later. “I can jump off cliffs so of course I can ask my boss for tomorrow off” without the usual nerves. Confidence is everything.

There was a constant positive atmosphere – even when I was feeling tired from swimming or climbing I still kept going as I was enjoying it so much.

I have to say I don’t really remember getting home as I fell asleep quickly that evening. When I woke up I was most excited to check out my footage from my jumps!

I will warn you though if you are going to try Coasteering – you may experience pain in your belly the following day from laughing so much!

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Coasteering Northern Ireland
Kathryn Wilson is a Female Club DJ, Cool FM Radio Presenter & Producer based in Northern Ireland.

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