You don’t have to think on your feet!

As you know Coasteering involves traversing and climbing over rocks and wet rocks are slippy!


So, what can you do to stop slipping?

Well, we advise wearing sturdy boots or trainers with good grips (avoid vibram soles if you can) and we do not permit neoprene booties, sandals or crocs!  Yes, they are designed for water sports but they lack angle support, toe protection and fall off your feet!

In an ideal world we would all own a pair of 5:10 Canyoneer 2’s!  We have been huge fans of the Canyoneer for years now and the Canyoneer 2 is even better.  In our opinion if you are serious about Coasteering you need to own a pair!

Why should I own a pair of Five Ten Canyoneer boots?

Without a doubt these are the stickiest boots you will ever wear!  Sticky boots mean you know that when your foot lands on a wet rock you are going nowhere and that confidence is second to none.


Stephen is on his third pair in 6 years and he swears by them.  Recently he turned up for a Coasteering trip and realised he forgot his Canyoneer’s, luckily he had a couple of pairs of approach trainers in the Jeep! Unfortunately, they did not give anywhere near the same traction and Stephen certainly had to work hard to ensure he didn’t slip.  Stephen said it was a class trip but he had to concentrate where he positioned his foot whereas he normally is looking well in front or back as he strides and jumps across the rocks.  We doubt Stephen will make that mistake again!

So, what makes the Canyoneer so good?

The  Canyoneer 2 is sleek, adjustable and comes with a lightweight upper that provides superb support with ergonomic flex for precision and control. Leaving nothing to be desired, these shoes are made with Stealth rubber soles that grip like nothing else on slippy rocks and boulders.


  • The synthetic, padded uppers are sleek, comfortable, supportive and highly abrasion resistant
  • High friction co-molded Stealth C4/S1 soles provide incredible traction on all surfaces
  • Buckle and strap closure for easy in and outs


  • Uppers: Synthetic
  • Midsole: Polyurethane
  • Outsole: Stealth C4/S1

Where can I get a pair?

For local stockists check out but it is also worth looking on ebay – we recently saw new pairs being sold for only £50 instead of the standard £90 – we have even seen them sold for more than £100! And in fairness, we would pay that if we had to!

CNI Sunday

If you are after a buzz with plenty of laughter, water and splashes then Coasteering definitely for you.

In the wave Are you up for some Coasteering? Give us a call on 08455213145 or email [email protected]

Coasteering is an exhilarating combined rock and water activity that can be delivered to every individual level which makes this activity suitable for those with no fear of heights or water as well as those who may not be quite so confident.

During your Coasteering trip you will learn rock climbing and scrambling techniques as well as how to jump from great heights safely.

Wearing sturdy footwear, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, participants travel along a section of coastline; sometimes swimming in the sea, sometimes scrambling on rocks and jumping from rocks into the sea.

Cost: £45 per person
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To book your places give us a call on

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CNI Sunday’s are on every Sunday in August – Coasteering for Families and Friends in the morning and the afternoon!

No excuses now – get up off that sofa and do something less boring instead 🙂

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What to look for when choosing your Coasteering provider

Coasteering comes with thrills and with thrills come a certain level of risk. However, choosing the right Coasteering provider is very important and will ensure you have a brilliant day out whilst remaining safe.

Below you will find some advice and thoughts which you should consider when deciding who is going to take you on your Coasteering Adventure:

Ask them do they have insurance and can they email you a copy of the insurance certificate.

Coasteering like all other Adventure Sports carries a certain level of risk and it is important that you make sure you are looked after should anything go wrong. As standard, you should expect your provider to have £5 million public liability.

It is not common practice for providers to include personal injury cover and this is something that you may wish to look in to yourself.

You may also ask your provider for copies of their Risk Assessments – especially if you are working with a group of young people! Please note that there are responsibility issues should you review the Risk Assessments.

Ask them what equipment they will provide.

Any Coasteering provider worth their salt should provide you with a 100% neoprene wetsuit, a well fitted helmet and buoyancy aid. It is usual for you to provide your own swimwear for underneath the wetsuit, shorts for over the wetsuit, warm socks and old trainers or boots with good grips.

In winter you should be provided with neoprene socks and gloves although a deposit or hire rate should be expected.

How much are they charging?

There are a number of factors that must be considered when deciding how much to charge for a Coasteering session:

  1. Ratios – current guidelines recommend a ratio of 1 instructor to 9 participants. Some providers work on much higher ratios allowing them to charge lower rates – this may have a negative on your Coasteering trip, that is, not enough time on the water, lack of proper instruction, lack of safety cover, etc
  2. Equipment– to provide all of the specialist gear for Coasteering it will cost anywhere from £100 – £200 per person. If your provider is cheap chances are the gear will be too (if it is even provided)
  3. VAT– if vat is part of the cost it is normally a good sign that you are with a reputable provider. Their turnover is a strong indicator of their success.
  4. Testimonials and evidence – is your provider online? Do they have a website? Can you see photos and videos on their Facebook page and Youtube Chanel? Do they have reviews on Trip Advisor? These are all good ways of checking their credibilty as well as getting an insight to how much fun you can have coasteering.

Providers offering coasteering for as little as £10 or £12 per person can not be providing what we view as minimum standard – BEWARE of cheap Coasteering!

Some other questions you may wish to ask:

  • Do your instructors have First Aid certificates? Can these be viewed?
  • Have your instructors got relevant experience and qualifications?
  • Does your company have any affiliations or accreditation?

One last thing… Coasteering is a brilliant adventure and suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities – get up off your sofa and try it!

Ladies only Coasteering!

Are you ready to experience body-surfing waves, scrambling up cliffs and flinging yourself into deep water from heights of up to 20ft!

27088_392726032832_312513022832_3890559_1296700_n   DSC_2545

Coasteering involves walking, scrambling, jumping, swimming and sometimes crawling around the coast.  A wetsuit ensures that you stay warm at any time of the year, other equipment includes a helmet and a buoyancy aid.

If you are a beginner, you can start off on easy climbs and jumps and build up to the bigger ones once you gain confidence.

Every single woman that has attended Ladies only Coasteering loved it! Some found it to be a massive boost to their confidence while others used it to challenge their fears and some just loved the craic!

Have a wee read at what some of them thought:

“For me it was overcoming all sorts of anxieties about my fear of water and really feeling I had achieved something when I managed that jump off the steps at the pier.”

“I think the thing that made it work for me though was the camaraderie of the team (participants and you guys) that will stay with me. Sounds dramatic, but it really had an impact on my confidence and my trust in others. I know the next time I go I will jump in (even if you have to catch me).  Even that offer had impact – recognising that I am nervous when it comes to water but respecting that was the case and trying to help me to overcome it.  And all while having a good laugh!”

It really will be a great day out!

Ladies only Coasteering is £45 per person and if you bring a friend or more we will reduce that to £35 per person!

Book your place by calling 0845 5213145 or emailing [email protected]

Coasteering: Best Practice Workshop

Coasteering is the fastest growing Adventure Sport in the UK and we are at the forefront of its development.


Our Team have been delivering Combined Rock and Water Activities for over 15 years and have explored miles and miles of our coastline in the pursuit of finding the best coasteering venues for our customers.

We are keen to share our knowledge with other practitioners and those who are interested in the delivery of Coasteering. We are also keen to learn from all those who attend this weekend – this is a best practice workshop not a course.

We are going to have an immense time jumping off cliffs, swimming and scrambling and we are going to learn – together.

When is it?

23rd – 24th September 2011

Day 1 Times: 9.00am – 7.00pm
Day 2 Times: 9.00am – 4.00pm
Cost: £180 per person

Accommodation and catering are not included

Participants must have logged a minimum of 5 coasteering trips before joining this workshop. If you are less experienced you may be allowed to participant following an assessment of your experience and ability via telephone.

At this level we expect participants to have their own equipment but are happy to supply whatever is necessary.

For more information or to book your place call 0845 5213145 or email [email protected]